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Innovative plastics equipment and materials are constantly evolving and our quality professional audience relies on our leading plastics event and media outlets for the latest industry news and trends. From automotive and construction to consumer products and medical device manufacturing, plastics buyers and suppliers connect through six plastics events and our leading online industry publication.



Located in top manufacturing hubs, PLASTEC trade shows empower you to build your brand, become an industry leader, and talk face-to-face with qualified leads who are sourcing plastic products and services. Each show brings in thousands of buyers across multiple verticals, allowing you to sell into industries that could otherwise be challenging to reach.

Anaheim | February 9–11, 2021

Toronto | May 11–13, 2021

New York | June 15–17, 2021

Minneapolis | November 3-4, 2021

Montreal | November 9–10, 2022


Access the latest plastics news, trends, breakthroughs, applications, and techniques through the industry's premier media outlet, PlasticsToday. With daily updates, white papers, webinars, and more tailored to meet the needs of today's industry, advertising in PlasticsToday offers you a variety of channels to reach this engaged community.


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From medtech and plastics to packaging, processing and design engineering, our family of event and media brands has the industry covered.