Meet the Medtech Decision Makers that Drive Your Business

Our Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) and BIOMEDevice events provide a unique opportunity to put your products and solutions directly in front of prospective customers. Attendees are there to source manufacturing equipment, automation solutions, materials, and contract manufacturing services used to increase production output, lower operations costs, and facilitate the flow of information. Located in booming manufacturing regions, these events can help boost your brand recognition and build your business throughout North America.

Who Attends

  • 57,000 attendees across 5 annual events
  • 84% are key decision makers, representing executive management and engineering
  • 81% are involved in the purchasing process
  • #1 attendee objective is to identify & source potential suppliers

What Exhibitors Say

"The MD&M shows are a true microcosm of the medical device world. I therefore see those shows as a great tool to network and to build and promote our brand, as well as our company’s capabilities."
Rudi Gall, RAUMEDIC, Inc

"We leased one of our demo manufacturing systems directly off the showroom floor. The customer took it directly to their factory to put into production."
Paul Ogden, SYNEO5

"The BIOMEDevice show really gave us an opportunity to network and generate sales leads. It was great to reconnect with existing friends and meet with new ones. We have a long-time relationship with a local company, trying to establish a partnership but nothing really came out of it – that is, until the BIOMEDevice show. They brought over a client that needed help, and we were able to fill that niche for them. Now that they saw us at the show, and [we] displayed our capabilities and foundation, they could physically bring over a client to us, and we could help them with their manufacturing."
Eric Wong, Adcotron

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